Lip pigmentation

In our salon we offer different lip pigmentation treatments. All treatments make the lips look optically fuller, but there is a difference in the end result;
Blush lips
With the blush lips treatment we lightly color the lips for a natural look, giving you a lovely shade.

Lip contour

With the lip contour treatment we take a colour slightly darker than the natural lip colour and draw a line over the natural outline of the lips.

Full lips

With the full lips treatment we fully color the lips in the colour you’d like. In this way, we create a lipstick effect. With all treatments, we color the lips with semi-permanent make-up. This technique is done with a PMU machine with a very thin needle. The effect remains visible for 2-4 years, after which you’ll need a touch-up treatment. With every treatment we we look at which colour/shape fits the face. Also, all our lip pigmentation treatments include a touch-up treatment.

The treatment step by step:

  • We start with the intake interview and decide together which colour/shape suits your face. The treatment takes an average of 2-2,5 hours
  • After we disinfect, we start with the pre-drawing. We pay a lot of attention to this, so you get an image of the end result. There is still time to discuss any adjustments. When we’re both 100% satisfied with the sketch, we start with the semi-permanent make-up
  • The road to perfect lips has started!
  • Immediately after the treatment, the lips look a bit dark and swollen. Don’t be scared, after 38-hours the lips aren’t swollen anymore and the colour decreases at least 50% cause the skin has to heal
  • The colour may change over the next 3 weeks, although it seems like they healed already
  • After a minimum of 6 weeks we see each other again for a touch-up treatment. During the treatment we look at the result together and fix the colour & shape with another layer of semi-permanent make-up

Suitable for

  • Any kind of skin type
  • Making the lips look more symmetrical
  • Making the lips look fuller, without fillers
  • Persons with an allergy to cosmetic products

No suitable for

  • Diabetes patients, unless you have a medical certificate from your doctor
  • HIV patients
  • When you’re pregnant
  • Persons who have been taking blood thinners for a long time
  • Persons who have a cardiovascular disease

Before & aftercare

  • Do not take any alcohol or blood thinners (aspirin, ibuprofen, garlic, vitamin-E) 24-hours prior to the treatment
  • Avoid facials such as chemical peelings & microdermabrasion etc. for at least 2 weeks prior & 4 weeks after the treatment
  • Avoid the sun / solarium for at least 1 week prior to the treatment
  • Do not go in the sun / solarium the first 4 weeks after the treatment. Always protect the lips with SPF50 after the healing-process
  • Always protect lips with SPF50 after healing
  • Keep the lips dry for the first week after the treatment. Do not apply water/lotions to the skin
  • Do not use lipstick/gloss the first 3 weeks after the treatment
  • Use a straw while drinking the first day after the treatment
  • Do not drink alcohol the first day after the treatment
  • Do not touch the lips 24-hours prior the treatment
  • There may be crusts on the lips, do not pick / scratch the crusts

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